When you yell at someone

When you yell at some body, especially people around you, what is in your mind? Why do you yell?

Today, I yelled at my coworker who sat beside me. You might ask why? I cannot tell you why, but what I can tell you is that my mind was blank when I yelled. It’s kind of being forced to. What did I do next, to be frank, it was a little bit embarrassed afterwards. We stopped talking to each other, I mean, as colleagues, it is so not good to be in such situation no matter who’s wrong was that.

After that as other colleagues were talking about what to be done and what should have been done, I myself started thinking, and to dig deeper, I then thought it was all my fault, but on the other hand, you would not admit it because you would feel very uncomfortable.

If you are in my shoes, what would you do next?

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