Michael Jackson “This Is It”

Michael Jackson “This Is It”, a documentary film of Michael Jackson of his rehearsal record was on theater on Oct. 28, 2009. However, I could not get a chance to see on theater.

Michael is a true legend and this is NOT it, his musics will live forever. As it is said, his musics inspired people, they truly inspired me, made me love him so much. I never felt tired of his musics.

Hope I could get a chance to see his “This Is It” soon.michael-jackson-this-is-it-movie-poster-revealed

Michael Jackson Died?!

When I read the morning new, it shocked me when it said Michael Jackson died. It came so sudden.MJ, the true legend, King of Pop, passed away, it is unbelievable.

Just not long ago, he announced to come back for more concerts in London. And he was rehearing for the tour.

He really is a true icon of the pop music. Here share with you some of his records breaking singles.


Billie Jeans

Beat It


For more of his music videos, you can go to http://myplay.com/videos/michael-jackson