Gooapple=iPhone+Android. WTF?

Check out this video from first. Don’t know if you guys can view the video outside China or not, but can you honestly believe it?

First of all, it looks exactly like an iPhone 4. Secondly, everything inside looks almost 99% the same from the video. And it supports multitasking and folder like iOS 4 does, and new push notification from iOS 5, amazing. However, it is not an iPhone 4, it runs modified Android. It is incredible, how could they, on earth, do it? I don’t know how much this thing costs, but I’d like to have one in addition to my genuine iPhone 4 to get hands on experience with Android.

On the other hand, I mean is there any possibility of infringement to… Continue reading | 8 Comments

iPhone Stolen!!! Right Before My Face!

My iPhone has just been unlocked and used for a less than 2 weeks and tonight it was stolen, right in my face!
I had my supper and got out of KFC then I started riding my bike. Just between the time I reach to my water bottle, the music suddenly stopped, by the time I turn my head around, my iPhone in my backpack’s side pocket has gone leaving the earphone hanging.
Fortunately I got my old Nokia E63 with me, I found a hotspot and call my phone with Skype, it was hung up. Now it pissed me off, I was just trying to tell him that he will not be able to use it anyway. It is an iPhone 3GS new bootrom, he will not be able… Continue reading

iOS 4.0 is releasing today? I cannot wait.

iOS 4.0

Everyone has been waiting for this to happen and it finally comes. What’s exciting about iOS 4.0 (formerly known as iPhone OS 4.0) is the multitasking which everybody is expecting. Sadly however, the iPhone 2G, 3 G and iPod Touch 2G will not be able to enjoy multitasking though they can still upgrade to iOS 4.0. The iOS 4.0 is a breakthrough on Apple products especially iPhone and it is gonna be a hit, again (Jobs)!
That being said, for me, I don’t really care. What I really care about is when Dev-Team releases the unlock (and Jailbreak) tools so that I can use the “Phone as a Phone”. The damn AT&T did not allow international roaming on Pay