Are you wondering what the downtown looks like in Houston? Well, I did and I thought it would be big and crowded and there would be a lot of people there. You know the reality is? The reality is that it is not big at all, comparing with Shanghai or Hongkong, it is nothing. You could even count how many buildings there were, and they are not very tall.

Why? I asked, and the reason is that downtown is nothing but a working place, people do not really live there. On Sunday, you barely see people in downtown, almost all the shops are closed. When I was there, I could not find a place to eat, it is unbelievable. However, there are a lot, a lot of parking lots, they are big, I mean huge that the whole building is a parking lot.IMG_3442

What about America?

It’s been two days in America, first of all, it was a tiring journey from China to American, I spent like over 17 hours on the airplane. Fortunately everything was well including the Customs. It was to my surprise that it took me over 1 hour in the line waiting for entry approval in the Customs just because the computer was down and I barely made the transit flight.… Continue reading