Some Thoughts on American Idol Season 8 Ep 14

american_idolI just finished watching American Idol Season 8 Ep 14 which is group 2 where the second 12 contestants compete for 3 spots as top 12. But for this show tonight it is just very flat, nothing very exciting. However, it ended very well, it rocked the whole show as I think.

Below is the link to watch it online:

In the end, Adam picked the RollingStone’s song Satisfaction which is very good song pick. That’s what I’m talking about Rock ‘n’ Roll, not mentioning his high notes, Kara was right about him, he really has a really wide range of voice. I like that the voice went high and low, that’s what rock song is about. Overall, he picked a right song and sang it very well.

Well, throughout the show, one of the most impressive performances is Nick Mitchell, Normal Gentle or Nick Norman, whichever name he is. He is exactly the one for entertainment. I have been noticing Nick Norman since the audition, he is a very funny guy, dressed very funny from audition to Hollywood week and now performing in from of Americans, regardless of Simon’s crucial critics. But actually I like this guy, he’s got voice and singing talent. From what I think, he shall get America’s supports.

Talking about Allison, actually I don’t really agree with the judges. Paula seemed to love her very much and said she could sing the telephone book, but I don’t think she is as good as Kelly Clarkson in tonight’s show even she could hit the high notes. But the way the song was sang is not what I think it should be because she sang in high notes all the time, it is terrible, I would call it a torture to my ears.

By the way, Jeanine’s was so bad, to be frank, it is like a humiliation to Maroon 5’s song, the song was totally distorted. As the judges (actually Simon) said the contestants had only one shot, she made a bad decision to pick that song for the stage, she blew her chance to be exactly.

In a word, tonight’s show is just so so, most of them picked the wrong songs, I prefer last week’s show. As for which three are going to top 12, tonight it is very obvious comparing with last week. Adam for sure is going through next round, then Nick Norman and Allison. Why Allison, I think she really can sing but the song was not what I liked, but she might be the one American voted.

So what’s gonna be? Let’s see…

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