Shall We Dance?

Shall We DanceShall We Dance is a movie in 2004, I knew this by chance when browsing one of my friends’ Q-zone, it is one of her favorite movies.

So I started to search for this movie, after I finish watching, I found it very interesting, very romantic that I was touched. In the movie, John Clarke is an Estate Lawyer, he is overworked, and he finds life boring. When he sees the girl standing by the window, thinking, on his way home in the train at this first sight, he signed up for ballroom dancing classes, he was so nervous when Paulina, the teacher, taught her dance in person. So later on, he becomes happier.

Paulina thought John came there for a date not a dance and told him not to dance if it was for her. It seems like a misunderstanding here. John keeps going to the class and falling in love with dancing. This actually lights up Paulina’s passion for dancing again as there was a failure history with her. Now John is persuaded to go for a dance competition.

Remember, John does all these without letting his family know. Of course his wife suspects why his husband has perfume each Wednesday back from work and she hired a detective to find out. The came to see the competition with the help of the detective and John screwed up the dance when his daughter cheered for him. So John’s wife ran out.

John explained to his wife afterwards that he has been happier because of dancing, but he decided not to dance again. Now Paulina will have to go back to UK and asked John to go and dance with her for the last time before she leaves. But John shows the letter to his wife to avoid any more mistake but tells her he is not going. Later that night, his wife left note with suit and dancing shoes, and asked him to go.

John puts on the suit and shoes, gets a rose, goes straight to, guess where, the store when his wife works with a rose in his hands. Her colleagues are touched by the romance. John danced with her in the store.

John together with his wife later made to Paulina’s party right at when Paulina was being asked to choose a partner to dance with her.

So the story ends here, it was touching. What I love about this movie is that family and loyalty is always important first of all. I think, what more implied in the movie is people needs inspiration to love something, and people do what they love to do. Everyone dances his life!

Now shall we dance?

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