Safari 4 Can Do Cover Flow Now

Yesterday I found there is new application update on, Safari 4, I downloaded it and installed it on my Mac.

The first thing, I mean first difference I found is the Top Sites, like a wall, when you create a new tab, it shows the top 12 sites which are most viewed.

Secondly, Safari 4 surprisingly can do CoverFlow as Mac OSX does. It is very interesting, the more you use it, the more you feel handy. It enables you to take a glance of the site content so that you will have a ideal of what you will get.

However, the changes between Safari 3 and 4 are dramatic, one of them bugs is tab position is moved to the top of the window which I am really not comfortable with.

Furthermore, there are some strange bugs as I think, I don’t know what is changed but I cannot read my emails in Windows Live Mail, there is no response when I click or double click an email. Hope this can be resolved soon.

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