Remembering My First Bumjee Jump

On June 3, 2012, it was a great day for outdoor activities and you just could not let it go wasted. And yet on this day I experienced my first Bumjee Jump, it was a lifetime experience of course. I always wanted to do a bumjee jump, luckily this time I found a friend as crazy to go with!

From a 50 meters high platform, I could see why not so many people want to play this sport. Looking down it was pretty scary. To get to the platform, you had to take stairs, lots and lots of stair steps! I mean by the time I got to the top, my heart already beat at 150.

The staffs spent quite a while doing the preparation which gave me enough time to recover from the high heart rate. I think I was not totally recovered from playing badminton too hard the day before. So now the security check had been done, everyone was lined up for the jump, there were 3 more strangers including a girl whose courage i admired. I gave the chance to my friend to jump first 🙂 Followed by was me going to the edge of the platform. The staff then told me to let go of my hands, I was already leaning backward. It was like my life was in his hands. Nothing mattered except to pray that the rope was strong enough to hold you!

So he counted down to 1 and let go, right at the moment my feet were off the edge, my heart was going to explode. Then I bounced back a few time together with excitement shout! Then I was hanging in the air, looking down and looked up, I knew I’d accomplished my mission!

Overall it was exciting and good experience, I liked the way my heart beat and the adrenalin pumped. However what disappointed me was that I was required to jump with my back down, I wanted to jump with my face down! Secondly I was like pushed to go down, i didn’t need a motivator, I would like to jump on my own counts. Motivators are for cowards. I wanted to control my own life! That’s the way he bumjee jump should be, right? I mean what is the problem with jumping face down?

Okay, going higher is my next mission now! You wanna come along?

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