“Magical” Portable Drive Made in China

Just read about this piece, figured forwarding it to share something extraordinary with you.

I am telling you a story now, event occurs at some rural town at Russian border. A guy brings in to a repair shop a 500G portable drive that he claimed faulty. He bought it in a Chinese shop on the other side of the river with unbelievably amazing good deal. However, he can only play for the last 5 minutes or so of a movie that he just copied in.  That is very strange, right? It reads 500G and yet only 5 minutes of a movie can be played.

Everything else works fine, with the strange problem, they tear it down and guess what, check out the photos below for yourself. OMG, I couldn’t… Continue reading

Heaven’s Lunch

Video from Youku www.youku.com

It is truly touching, I was tearing when watching it. I am sure you are too. Heaven’s Lunch is a short-film directed by a never-heard-of Chinese director Liu Xiaoyu, it is only 6-minute long but it feels like life long.

The movie is telling us that parents never stop loving us, caring about us. You must take quick action to love back and start caring about them before it is too late. “Don’t wait for pain to love a person.”, in plain words, it is that you must not wait to make your mom/dad a dinner or something, it will be too late until you realize that someone is gone forever. If you are a spoiled child, it is still… Continue reading

Can iPad 2 Catch My Eyes?

On March 2, 2011, Apple revealed its 2nd generation of iPad – iPad 2. I received an email from Apple that introduce very briefly “Thinner. Lighter. Faster. FaceTime. Smart Covers. 10-hour battery. Coming March 11. Starting at $499.”. Wow $499, still the same price as predecessor.

iPad 2
iPad 2

I liked the first generation of iPad, in fact, I like Apple products, well most of them. It turned out that iPad was not suitable for me after playing it around few times, of course it was in the Apple Store and from my friends. First of all it was too heavy, after I held it for like 10 minutes, my hands felt tired… Continue reading | 1 Comment

iPad No Wifi After Upgrading to iOS 4.2.1

One of my friends came to me and showed me that Wi-Fi of his iPad  was not functional, in Settings, the Wi-Fi was grayed out, it reads “No Wi-Fi”. Also the Bluetooth was unavailable and grayed out too, go to General – About, the Bluetooth address showed 00:00:00:00:00,  I could not do anything but to restore iOS.

First I connected it to PC to do restore, it took a while to restore in iTunes, but it was completed successfully. However, checking it again, the option was still grayed out. I was suspecting computer system problems, and I switched to my MacBook and did the restore again, the issue remained. I started to think it was hardware problem, but I was not convinced by that.

Again, I went to Dev Team… Continue reading | 3 Comments

Stream Audio with Airport Express

I recently bought the Apple Airport Express after reading numerous comments about it. It looked very nice when I got it, well, Apple’s products are always attractive in design, that is the reason I like them. I tested in my office and it was fine to join and extending current wireless network. I went home and I hooked it up to the LAN and the power speaker I bought not long ago.  I tried to use the utility to scan and it could not be discovered. It took me 2 hours to finally got it work.  I realized that something was wrong with the setting I did earlier, and not the new firmware that was widely commented as the cause.

Riding in the Snow

On December 25, Christmas day, but it was the race day. Merida Cup XC Race held in Bihu of Lishui City. It was in a wetland park.

This is what I got for 9th place
This is what I got for 9th place

We started out early from Wenzhou towards the destination in Lishui, as early as 8:30am although it was scheduled to be 7:00am. Anyway, we hit the road and spent approximately 1.5 hours on the freeway. We got there at around 10:00, it was snowing, freaking cold in this winter, I couldn’t feel my fingers and toes. Nevertheless, we unload our bikes, changed our dress, then went to test the track. The track is not long and not so difficult. It was 2 km long, only had some small technical sections, other than it was pretty even. However, we had to go 8 laps, that’s 16 km, basically, we were competing physically at the end.… Continue reading

Skype is Down

It all started this morning, I went to office as usual, turned on my computer. Okay, the only thing that was unusual was the lil icon in the bottom right corner of the screen just kept spinning. Why? B/c normally I could sign in easily, like few seconds. Well, I just thought there had been something wrong with the network, not until afternoon. Then I suspected the Skype server was down, and yes it was confirmed. Now every user around the world is suffered from it. It sucks being this way by the way. Hope Skype reinforces their hardware and software is great already, if it can be better, why not! Posted by Wordmobi