New! Google Integrates Voice Search to Web Search

Today when I opened Google’s homepage as usual, I found out that a little “Microphone” icon appeared on Google’s homepage.

Google Voice Search

After I clicked it, “Speak now” appeared.

This is one step further for Google. However, it has not been enabled in Google Hongkong, well, I checked,,, none of these has it. You can only check out at

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The Art of Questioning

I had this meeting with a client few weeks back and during the meeting, someone came in the meeting room and he is the global leader at some job function. When we talked he asked questions almost right the second after each of my sentence, like why? What? Who told you that? What is that? Instantly I told to myself “he is tough and arrogant.” It’s like almost hard to communicate with him.
For me personally I don’t know why but when I hear a question after another asking from top management “why? Is there a time problem or something?” I don’t know what to answer but to make up some excuses, I feel like I am being accused of something and it makes me feel bad. I think that kind… Continue reading | 2 Comments

My Heart Beats Up to 200bpm!

Yesterday I attended a spinning class, it was the first time after a long time. Well, I used to go to spinning classes to feel the energy and sweating of course.  I wore my Suunto t6d this time, and I could see my heart beating.

It started off a little high, then in the third session, it spiked at 200bpm and by the end of the class (I left the room earlier due to the high intensity), the Training Effect reaches 5.0 which is the highest level, and EPOC built up to 225 ml/kg. And a lot of fuels I just burned. I think I just over did a little bit this time.

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Gooapple=iPhone+Android. WTF?

Check out this video from first. Don’t know if you guys can view the video outside China or not, but can you honestly believe it?

First of all, it looks exactly like an iPhone 4. Secondly, everything inside looks almost 99% the same from the video. And it supports multitasking and folder like iOS 4 does, and new push notification from iOS 5, amazing. However, it is not an iPhone 4, it runs modified Android. It is incredible, how could they, on earth, do it? I don’t know how much this thing costs, but I’d like to have one in addition to my genuine iPhone 4 to get hands on experience with Android.

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Apple Puts iCloud in Action Already?

Today when I opened App Store on my iPhone, I saw a “Purchased” in Updates so I clicked it and it led me to a screen like the screenshot below:

In it it lists out the apps that I have deleted from my computer and a cloud icon on the right. I thought I removed all the apps that I did not need anymore but I didn’t. Well it may be good, or not.  Apple is fast!… Continue reading | 1 Comment

Have You Noticed FOX in Fast Five?

Fast Five

Fast and Furious 5, or Fast Five was on silver screen for a month, but it was just imported recently to China. It has been a week, but I just noticed yesterday and I bought tickets immediately just to experience it coz I missed the previous 4 sequences, in theater of course.

The thing I love about Fast & Furious is that you have the opportunities to see these exotic cars racing on streets that keeps your heart beating fast. In addition, it does not keep you waiting, I mean the events timeline is very tightly arranged, fast pacing, I like that. Of course, the visual and audio effects are fantastic. If it were on… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Okay, so here I am again in Tehran, Iran after 2 hours on Emirates flight from Dubai. I start to like Emirates now for its service, I watched the latest movie on the plane by the way and the meal still keeps me full. Very good.
The most unfortunate thing is that the hotel in Tehran is very bad even though it is a 5-star hotel, comparing with the 5-star hotel in Dubai, it is like 1/5 of it and it is more expensive. I don’t think I will come to Iran again unless it is really necessary! I am telling you, it is not worth the money… Continue reading

In Dubai

It has been 2 days in Dubai, just got the internet at my client’s office. The 5-star hotel does not provide free WIFI which sucks by the way, it charges me 30 AED per hour and 60AED for 6 hours. Another thing that sucks is that Dubai blocks Skype for which I could not make cheap calls, it is very bad.
The good thing about Dubai is that it is a shopping paradise. I went to the Dubai Mall, it is the largest mall in the world. There is the Palm, the Atlantis, Dubai Tower, Burj Khalifa tower that is the tallest tower in the world. That’s Dubai, but hot, very hot… Continue reading

On The Way to Dubai

Two and half hours from Wenzhou to Beijing, and now I stuck at Beijing Capital International Airport waiting for the transit flight. Everything was going smoothly, from check-in to boarding the flight. It is the waiting that is painful especially when you have to spend 4 hours or so and there is nothing much you can do.

My next stop is Dubai, I have never been to Dubai before, well, I spent few hours at the Dubai International Airport during my last trip to middle east. Tell you what, I will have to spend 10 hours waiting for the return flight. God knows how I am gonna kill this amount of time then.

April 22 to 24, Dubai

April 24 to 29, Iran (Tehran and Isfahan)… Continue reading

ABC World News Video Podcast Discontinued in iTunes?

I have been watching ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, and it was quite good to know what goes on around the world, I love the podcast, but sadly the “final pod cast” was released on April 7th reported David Muir. He only said the video podcast was no longer available in iTunes but full episodes are available on ABC website.  However he did not explain the reason. Is Apple kicking it out of podcast category or what? I am wondering and quite eager to know.There’s got be some explanation… Continue reading | 13 Comments