On The Way to Dubai

Two and half hours from Wenzhou to Beijing, and now I stuck at Beijing Capital International Airport waiting for the transit flight. Everything was going smoothly, from check-in to boarding the flight. It is the waiting that is painful especially when you have to spend 4 hours or so and there is nothing much you can do.

My next stop is Dubai, I have never been to Dubai before, well, I spent few hours at the Dubai International Airport during my last trip to middle east. Tell you what, I will have to spend 10 hours waiting for the return flight. God knows how I am gonna kill this amount of time then.

April 22 to 24, Dubai

April 24 to 29, Iran (Tehran and Isfahan)

It is long trip this time, from start to finish, it is 9 days. Almost half of the time will be wasted on the airplane or cars. When I come back to China, I will go to Hunan with 1 day rest to attend Sophia’s wedding.

What an arrangement! I hope it is fruitful with the negotiation this time.



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