My Heart Beats Up to 200bpm!

Yesterday I attended a spinning class, it was the first time after a long time. Well, I used to go to spinning classes to feel the energy and sweating of course.  I wore my Suunto t6d this time, and I could see my heart beating.

It started off a little high, then in the third session, it spiked at 200bpm and by the end of the class (I left the room earlier due to the high intensity), the Training Effect reaches 5.0 which is the highest level, and EPOC built up to 225 ml/kg. And a lot of fuels I just burned. I think I just over did a little bit this time.

With such high intensity work out, I will need more time to recover. In the next few days, I should not do anything too crazy before I felt fully recovered. For you guys, it is better to note that as well. One thing I want to say here is that Suunto t6d is really a nice product that you can rely on whether you are a professional athlete or sports enthusiast.

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