Microsoft, or Skype, do something about your Skype/WLM integration!!!

So today I got a popup message from Windows Live Messenger that I must update to the latest version in order to use, which is Skype 6.3. So it is like an ULTIMATUM, I had no choice but updated it. To tell you the truth, I didn’t like the integration last time I updated my Windows Live Message and merged it with my Skype account and I Googled and found out Skype and WLM could co-exist and then I did the same to use them at the same time.

I guessed all my colleagues received the same message and it turned out to be true and I went to help them update it. It went pretty well when you login with your WLM credential, the problem occurred when merging the accounts. The circle in Skype windows just kept spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning, then it said “Sorry, we didn’t recognize your sign-in details. Please check your Skype Name and password, then try again.”



What does that even mean? I spent the whole morning trying to login with the Microsoft Account, every measure I took seemed in vein. After digging, it turns out many many users have been experiencing the issue.

– I uninstalled the latest version and installed the previous version, it didn’t work.

– I  deleted Shared.xml in AppData, it didn’t work.

– I changed the port in connection setting and opened ports in Windows Firewall, it didn’t work.

– I unlinked Microsoft Account from Skype and linked again and it didn’t work.

– I added the current PC to the trusted devices in Microsoft Account and it didn’t work.

Nothing seems to work now. I have no Live Messenger, nor Skype. As a matter of fact, I could login with Skype account name but that didn’t help. It was a complete waste of my time.

What’s going on? Skype, and Microsoft. Don’t release a product that is full of bugs. I will have to start looking for alternative if this is not resolved soon enough. Spread the word people. If you find a solution to it, do not hesitate to share.

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