Have You Noticed FOX in Fast Five?

Fast Five

Fast and Furious 5, or Fast Five was on silver screen for a month, but it was just imported recently to China. It has been a week, but I just noticed yesterday and I bought tickets immediately just to experience it coz I missed the previous 4 sequences, in theater of course.

The thing I love about Fast & Furious is that you have the opportunities to see these exotic cars racing on streets that keeps your heart beating fast. In addition, it does not keep you waiting, I mean the events timeline is very tightly arranged, fast pacing, I like that. Of course, the visual and audio effects are fantastic. If it were on IMAX, it would have been perfect.

Off the topic a little bit, I don’t know if you guys noticed from the beginning of the movie when the ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) appears. But I do, as a mountain bike lover and a mountain biker, I could not help noticing the tiny logo of Fox in one of the forks of the ATV. I thought it was an ad ¬†sponsored by Fox Racing Shox, but then again, it does not seem everyone says anything about it. However, it is interesting to see. To learn more about fox, you can visit www.foxracingshox.com, personally I like Fox’s suspension forks but could not afford one yet.

Have you noticed it? By the way, Fast Five rocks!

Fox Racing Shox

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