Gooapple=iPhone+Android. WTF?

Check out this video from first. Don’t know if you guys can view the video outside China or not, but can you honestly believe it?

First of all, it looks exactly like an iPhone 4. Secondly, everything inside looks almost 99% the same from the video. And it supports multitasking and folder like iOS 4 does, and new push notification from iOS 5, amazing. However, it is not an iPhone 4, it runs modified Android. It is incredible, how could they, on earth, do it? I don’t know how much this thing costs, but I’d like to have one in addition to my genuine iPhone 4 to get hands on experience with Android.

On the other hand, I mean is there any possibility of infringement to the copyright law or intellectual property law or something?  I am wondering.

I have to admire the copycat’s technique and creativity!

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