Does marketing service sales?

A few days ago during a meeting my boss and I argued when I mentioned collecting raw sales data for marketing analysis. My boss wanted me to give him purposes of collecting data before doing it, I emphasized that with raw data I could generate any kind of reports that could give the direction in marketing and sales activities.
Well that was not enough for him, what again he needed was specific purpose of it. I understood he was, as a boss result oriented, and I agreed with that. So I gave him a typical example of purpose of collecting and analyzing data: to know how our products were distributed and what else we could do about it in terms of marketing activities. That turned out to be not a purpose to him, then he explained to me how the plans should be made from the purpose to the actions.
What surprised me was when he told me sales department was the leading department and the marketing department served it since the sales department was the one earning money (to support the company and its growth).
Well yes the sales department gives the company direct orders from customers which means money, but, hear me out here, how does the company or sales department know where to begin with if they don’t know what the customers need and where they are. I just read something about marketing and sales, marketing is “pull” while sales is “push”. Salesperson can do nothing if not for marketing. One misconception is that in China sales is marketing, marketing is sales, because marketing makes no sense to them and sales does both. They are actually quite similar in functionality but different in a great deal. I will talk about in detail later, before that, what do you see in terms of marketing and sales?

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