Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

For me in China, the Christmas Day is over, those of you in the west semi sphere, you have few more hours to spend with your family. After all Christmas is all about family gathering, isn’t? What do you do at this time of the year?

For us, the Luna New Year (spring festival) is the day for family reunion! This is the time people celebrate, pray and eat. Yes, eat… It is a feast. Luckily this day is coming soon!

Let’s all celebrate!! Again Merry Christmas to all and happy holiday!… Continue reading

The world didn’t end. Now what?

So people have talked about the end of the world on 12/21/2012 for a very long time, I tended not to believe that the world would end, not on that day at least, however it did concern me a little. There were some what-ifs that I had in mind.

Now that the day has passed, and things are settled, what should we do now?

There sure are some options:

A. Continue my old life, tomorrow is just another day in my life; or
B. The world means nothing to me now, I will just get wasted and spend all the money on whatever I want… Then, I don’t know what will happen and I don’t care; or
C. Make my life more meaningful, do what I’ve got do. Chase the dreams that… Continue reading | 1 Comment

Nick Cannon Doing Pole Dance on AGT

In Episode 7 of America’s Got Talent season 7, Nick Cannon who was the host went on stage after the contestant Lulu’s performance. Quite surprisingly, well not that surprise considering hist his history of hosting AGT, he took off his shirts and showed off his “bras” and did a pole dance with the contestant Lulu. How fun was that?! What would Mariah act after she saw this? Haha… Btw, didn’t it hurt to have his nipples duct taped?

Remembering My First Bumjee Jump

On June 3, 2012, it was a great day for outdoor activities and you just could not let it go wasted. And yet on this day I experienced my first Bumjee Jump, it was a lifetime experience of course. I always wanted to do a bumjee jump, luckily this time I found a friend as crazy to go with!

From a 50 meters high platform, I could see why not so many people want to play this sport. Looking down it was pretty scary. To get to the platform, you had to take stairs, lots and lots of stair steps! I mean by the time I got to the top, my heart already beat at 150.

The staffs spent quite a while doing the preparation which gave me enough time… Continue reading | 3 Comments

Have You Noticed FOX in Fast Five?

Fast Five

Fast and Furious 5, or Fast Five was on silver screen for a month, but it was just imported recently to China. It has been a week, but I just noticed yesterday and I bought tickets immediately just to experience it coz I missed the previous 4 sequences, in theater of course.

The thing I love about Fast & Furious is that you have the opportunities to see these exotic cars racing on streets that keeps your heart beating fast. In addition, it does not keep you waiting, I mean the events timeline is very tightly arranged, fast pacing, I like that. Of course, the visual and audio effects are fantastic. If it were on… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Okay, so here I am again in Tehran, Iran after 2 hours on Emirates flight from Dubai. I start to like Emirates now for its service, I watched the latest movie on the plane by the way and the meal still keeps me full. Very good.
The most unfortunate thing is that the hotel in Tehran is very bad even though it is a 5-star hotel, comparing with the 5-star hotel in Dubai, it is like 1/5 of it and it is more expensive. I don’t think I will come to Iran again unless it is really necessary! I am telling you, it is not worth the money… Continue reading

In Dubai

It has been 2 days in Dubai, just got the internet at my client’s office. The 5-star hotel does not provide free WIFI which sucks by the way, it charges me 30 AED per hour and 60AED for 6 hours. Another thing that sucks is that Dubai blocks Skype for which I could not make cheap calls, it is very bad.
The good thing about Dubai is that it is a shopping paradise. I went to the Dubai Mall, it is the largest mall in the world. There is the Palm, the Atlantis, Dubai Tower, Burj Khalifa tower that is the tallest tower in the world. That’s Dubai, but hot, very hot… Continue reading

On The Way to Dubai

Two and half hours from Wenzhou to Beijing, and now I stuck at Beijing Capital International Airport waiting for the transit flight. Everything was going smoothly, from check-in to boarding the flight. It is the waiting that is painful especially when you have to spend 4 hours or so and there is nothing much you can do.

My next stop is Dubai, I have never been to Dubai before, well, I spent few hours at the Dubai International Airport during my last trip to middle east. Tell you what, I will have to spend 10 hours waiting for the return flight. God knows how I am gonna kill this amount of time then.

April 22 to 24, Dubai

April 24 to 29, Iran (Tehran and Isfahan)… Continue reading

ABC World News Video Podcast Discontinued in iTunes?

I have been watching ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, and it was quite good to know what goes on around the world, I love the podcast, but sadly the “final pod cast” was released on April 7th reported David Muir. He only said the video podcast was no longer available in iTunes but full episodes are available on ABC website.  However he did not explain the reason. Is Apple kicking it out of podcast category or what? I am wondering and quite eager to know.There’s got be some explanation… Continue reading | 13 Comments

Heaven’s Lunch

Video from Youku

It is truly touching, I was tearing when watching it. I am sure you are too. Heaven’s Lunch is a short-film directed by a never-heard-of Chinese director Liu Xiaoyu, it is only 6-minute long but it feels like life long.

The movie is telling us that parents never stop loving us, caring about us. You must take quick action to love back and start caring about them before it is too late. “Don’t wait for pain to love a person.”, in plain words, it is that you must not wait to make your mom/dad a dinner or something, it will be too late until you realize that someone is gone forever. If you are a spoiled child, it is still… Continue reading