Leap Motion postponed shipping date for pre-ordered customers

logo_leap_motionI just got the email from Leap Motion CEO Michael Buckwald telling me they had to push back the shipping date of the Leap Motion controller units to July 22. The reason, Michael said, is they needed more time for comprehensive testing. I mean I have been waiting for over 3 month since I pre-ordered. The device is said to be amazing, with break-through technology etc., that was why I pre-ordered and just wanted to get my hands on the device when available. It is absolutely sad to know the change. Here is the letter from Michael Buckwald.
I wanted to reach out to update you on the status of our ship date. After a lot of consideration, we’ve decided to push… Continue reading | 1 Comment

Microsoft, or Skype, do something about your Skype/WLM integration!!!

So today I got a popup message from Windows Live Messenger that I must update to the latest version in order to use, which is Skype 6.3. So it is like an ULTIMATUM, I had no choice but updated it. To tell you the truth, I didn’t like the integration last time I updated my Windows Live Message and merged it with my Skype account and I Googled and found out Skype and WLM could co-exist and then I did the same to use them at the same time.

I guessed all my colleagues received the same message and it turned out to be true and I went to help them update it. It went pretty well when you login with your WLM credential, the problem occurred when merging… Continue reading | 2 Comments

Raid 5 Gone After a Power Failure

Just now in my office when we were working, the file server was disconnected as well as the exchange server. I thought it was just a common power failure which we experience in the past all the time and had no problem. So I went back to the server room and found out that UPS was not on (power cut off). Nothing else usual was found, so I turned it on and then the server.

So I waited and waited and the Remote Desktop Connection could not be established after 15 minutes. So I got a monitor and connected it, the strange thing was the screen prompted “DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESSURE ENTER.” My instinct told me the BIOS setting was changed, specifically the Boot Priority. So I got in BIOS setting by hitting Delete. It was actually the booting disk was missing. By the way, I have RAID 5 built in a Silicate 3124 PCI-X external card. Now the Raid was shown on BIOS setting, what do I do? I was asking myself.… Continue reading | 3 Comments

New! Google Integrates Voice Search to Web Search

Today when I opened Google’s homepage as usual, I found out that a little “Microphone” icon appeared on Google’s homepage.

Google Voice Search

After I clicked it, “Speak now” appeared.

This is one step further for Google. However, it has not been enabled in Google Hongkong, well, I checked google.co.jp, google.co.in, google.co.uk, none of these has it. You can only check out at www.google.com

&nbsp… Continue reading | 1 Comment

Gooapple=iPhone+Android. WTF?

Check out this video from Youku.com first. Don’t know if you guys can view the video outside China or not, but can you honestly believe it?

First of all, it looks exactly like an iPhone 4. Secondly, everything inside looks almost 99% the same from the video. And it supports multitasking and folder like iOS 4 does, and new push notification from iOS 5, amazing. However, it is not an iPhone 4, it runs modified Android. It is incredible, how could they, on earth, do it? I don’t know how much this thing costs, but I’d like to have one in addition to my genuine iPhone 4 to get hands on experience with Android.

On the other hand, I mean is there any possibility of infringement to… Continue reading | 8 Comments

“Magical” Portable Drive Made in China

Just read about this piece, figured forwarding it to share something extraordinary with you.

I am telling you a story now, event occurs at some rural town at Russian border. A guy brings in to a repair shop a 500G portable drive that he claimed faulty. He bought it in a Chinese shop on the other side of the river with unbelievably amazing good deal. However, he can only play for the last 5 minutes or so of a movie that he just copied in.  That is very strange, right? It reads 500G and yet only 5 minutes of a movie can be played.

Everything else works fine, with the strange problem, they tear it down and guess what, check out the photos below for yourself. OMG, I couldn’t… Continue reading

Skype is Down

It all started this morning, I went to office as usual, turned on my computer. Okay, the only thing that was unusual was the lil icon in the bottom right corner of the screen just kept spinning. Why? B/c normally I could sign in easily, like few seconds. Well, I just thought there had been something wrong with the network, not until afternoon. Then I suspected the Skype server was down, and yes it was confirmed. Now every user around the world is suffered from it. It sucks being this way by the way. Hope Skype reinforces their hardware and software is great already, if it can be better, why not! Posted by Wordmobi

iOS 4.0 is releasing today? I cannot wait.

iOS 4.0

Everyone has been waiting for this to happen and it finally comes. What’s exciting about iOS 4.0 (formerly known as iPhone OS 4.0) is the multitasking which everybody is expecting. Sadly however, the iPhone 2G, 3 G and iPod Touch 2G will not be able to enjoy multitasking though they can still upgrade to iOS 4.0. The iOS 4.0 is a breakthrough on Apple products especially iPhone and it is gonna be a hit, again (Jobs)!
That being said, for me, I don’t really care. What I really care about is when Dev-Team releases the unlock (and Jailbreak) tools so that I can use the “Phone as a Phone”. The damn AT&T did not allow international roaming on Pay