Does marketing service sales?

A few days ago during a meeting my boss and I argued when I mentioned collecting raw sales data for marketing analysis. My boss wanted me to give him purposes of collecting data before doing it, I emphasized that with raw data I could generate any kind of reports that could give the direction in marketing and sales activities.
Well that was not enough for him, what again he needed was specific purpose of it. I understood he was, as a boss result oriented, and I agreed with that. So I gave him a typical example of purpose of collecting and analyzing data: to know how our products were distributed and what else we could do about it in terms of marketing activities. That turned out to be not a… Continue reading | 3 Comments

The Art of Questioning

I had this meeting with a client few weeks back and during the meeting, someone came in the meeting room and he is the global leader at some job function. When we talked he asked questions almost right the second after each of my sentence, like why? What? Who told you that? What is that? Instantly I told to myself “he is tough and arrogant.” It’s like almost hard to communicate with him.
For me personally I don’t know why but when I hear a question after another asking from top management “why? Is there a time problem or something?” I don’t know what to answer but to make up some excuses, I feel like I am being accused of something and it makes me feel bad. I think that kind… Continue reading | 2 Comments

Petronas Visit

It has been 3 tiring days from 4th to 6th, I was with the technical guys from Petronas in the workshop all day long from 9 to 7, to do pressure tests on these valves that they bought for a tie-in project in Myanmar.

We had a tight plan for each day, however there was not enough time for the tests because it took longer time than the standard to make sure there was no leakage and the performance is satisfactory to customer, in addition, we measure every valves and kept records. We also disassembled some valves to see the inner structure and how was it. Everything was good except some miner deviation from the drawings.

The most important things for us are safety measures in the worksite… Continue reading