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My name is James Chan, I’m from China, and currently I’m a sales engineer.

I always dreamed of having my own website with my name as the site name and here it is, a site with everything 100% genuinely from me myself. I like things to be simple and easy, so I don’t want to waste time writing some rubbish.  Quality is better than quantity! Just like workout, if you focus on quality, although you spend more time, it will finally pay off. If you happen to find something useful, I would be very  happy.

I love running and mountain biking (you can see it!). Music is my inspiration, I always listen to musics when running, whether it is on trail or on treadmill. The beats keep me going and going further. Mountain biking is a good sport and I love it. With it, you get to see the amazing nature in a way that driving a car is never able to see, and it is completely eco-friendly,  ZERO pollution. Mountain biking keeps me in good shape, makes my heart stronger. It would be the happiest thing ever when I get a chance to ride with your best friend. What do you think?

I have also geared up with the following that keep me on track and motivated:

1. Suunto t6d w/ Dual Comfort Belt
2. Nike+ shoes and iPod Nano 6th Gen
3. MacBook
4. iPhone 4 ( I used to own an iPhone 3GS but it was stolen)
5. Canon EOS XSi

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