7th Auto Expo in Wenzhou

IMG_1362.jpgTalking about cars, it is never a bad idea to mention Wenzhou. When you come to Wenzhou, you will see, comparatively, more private cars than any other cities in China. And there is an expo each year.

This year, from April 9 to April 12, the 7th Auto Expo was held in Wenzhou International Expo Center. I did not get time to go there from April 9 to 11, but I was lucky I got last chance to go take a look at the Expo on 12th.It was a very good show actually, I went there and took a lot of photos. Although there were not many car models there, being in the crowd, I was able to catch some of the good look scenes.

Audi R8
Porsche BoxsterS
White Lambo
Black Lambo

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